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Questions and answers

A death often leaves many questions: questions about the why, the where, the meaning. And very often there are no true answers, just shared comfort and faith to give you support.

We have listed the most frequent questions for you here so that we at least will not leave any unanswered. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Yes, the urns are supplied in the same quality as can be seen from our pictures. Please note, however, that wood is a natural material, thus the colour and grain of each urn will be different. Colour differences in the wood, small healthy knots, swirls, coarse and fine grains are not therefore grounds for complaint.
The same applies to ceramic plates, which are also made of a natural material and thus slight colour differences may occur. The motifs are screen-printed by hand, so each plate is also unique and slight differences may arise.

We use the finest woods of optimum quality for the wooden frame. Every tree is unique, which is of course reflected in every single wooden element.
The ceramic fillings are natural stoneware slabs made in Germany: we receive these as shards, process them in several steps and refine them to create a high-quality end product.

All wooden surfaces are treated with a high-quality, natural wood oil.

In principle, yes, but this will always depend upon the regulations of the respective municipalities, regions or countries, or the relevant cemetery regulations.
Our urns are made of natural materials.
The wood is 100% biodegradable. The ceramic plates are a purely natural material that however solidifies when fired and will therefore only decompose very slowly. However, this has no influence on its environmental compatibility: it is therefore absolutely harmless.

We can also of course design your urn individually and personally. However, this is not done using the manual screen-printing process, but rather by individual hand painting. Please contact us directly for this service and we will discuss your desired design and the appropriate options, either by phone or with you in person.

Would you like to keep the urn containing the ashes of your loved one at home, but unfortunately this is not permitted by the laws of your country? We have also considered that: our urns are not just intended as the final resting place for a loved one, but can also hold the wonderful memories that bind you together. Reading glasses, a handkerchief, a ring or a fine chain, a love letter, a song you enjoyed together, a few lines of a poem... This keeps the loved one even closer to you, there for all eternity.

We are always ready to assist you by phone or in person. Do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can find the right solution for you.

Yes, some of our urns are ready and in stock. They will be finalised within 36–48 hours according to your configuration, then dispatched via courier.
The production times for individually personalised urns depend on the complexity of the desired design. We will be pleased to coordinate the appropriate schedule with you.

Urns are ready for dispatch within 36–48 hours from receipt of the order.
Standard delivery times are then usually 2–3 working days.
This means that the urn will reach you within 3–5 working days from receipt of your order.

You are also welcome to place an express order.
Delivery time will be reduced by 1–2 working days. There is an additional charge per shipment of €30.

Our urns are sent via DHL. The urns will be well packed and protected.

The best and easiest way to order is via our configurator. This allows you to create your own personal urn in just a few simple steps. You choose the size and shape, the type of wood, the motif and any finishes you require.

We are also pleased to consider individual design requests. These can be discussed together in a personal conversation, either by phone or, if you prefer, with you in person.

In addition to our configurator, you can also order from us by phone or e-mail from
Your order will be accepted by the sending of a separate order confirmation (by e-mail) or by delivery of the goods.

Yes, VAT is included in the price.

New customers can pay in advance or by credit card.
We also offer existing customers (e.g. funeral directors) the option of paying on account.

Our urns have the following capacities:

urn small, 140x140x140 mm:
1,25 l – suitable as a child's urn and/or for mementos

urn medium, 205x205x205 mm:
5,00 l – suitable as an urn for adults in ashes bag

urn high, 205x205x265 mm:
6,85 l – suitable for holding a standard ashes capsule

urn large, 265x265x265 mm:
12,40 l – suitable for holding a standard ashes capsule or as a double urn.

Commercially available ashes capsules (height 23 cm, diameter 17 cm) can fit in large and high urns. There is also space for an ashes bag in the smaller urns.

The urns are tightly and securely closed using the screws supplied and, depending on your wishes and requirements, can also be sealed with silicone.

No, this is provided by the respective crematorium.

You can find a direct link to our terms and conditions here.

Wir hoffen, dass wir all Ihre Fragezeichen nehmen konnten. Wenn nicht, kontaktieren Sie uns einfach: / T 0039 328 297 36 01

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